#NEXTGen Voices

A panel discussion on culture & diversity

#NEXTGen is a BMW Group Platform

What’s your reason not to change? In an exciting panel discussion designer Jessica Dettinger from BMW, transgender racing driver Charlie Martin and journalist Malcolm Ohanwe talk about the benefits of diversity.

13 November 2020

Social change: diversity and tolerance should never be optional

#NEXTGen is where progressive ideas and thinking outside of the box are more than welcome. Social prejudice, however, is not. The BMW Group believes that social change is a must and diversity can only be beneficial – at work and in life. For our “What’s your reason not to change?” panel discussion, we invited three like-minded individuals, each with their own diversity stories. 

Join our three speakers in their discussion and explore with them what social change really means.

Jessica Dettinger

Besides being a designer for the BMW ED department, Jessica is the designer behind androgynous fashion label “form of interest”. She believes in being authentic and having the courage to fully live one’s individuality.

Charlie Martin

Marc Wittkowski

Charlie is a transgender racing driver who successfully competes in long distance races. Through her sports career and activism, she raises awareness for gender diversity and inclusion.


Malcolm Ohanwe

Malcolm, a journalist with Bayerischer Rundfunk, focuses his work on cultural identity, feminism, the music economy and digital trends. He is a passionate Twitterer and uses his influence to raise awareness for racial diversity, inclusion and fighting racism.

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