Video Podcast

Electrified Wingsuit: The inside story

Join our host Jonathan, wingsuit pioneer Peter Salzmann and Tobias Hoffritz from BMW Designworks for a very special edition of Changing Lanes, the official BMW podcast.

2 December 2020

Video podcast

Changing Lanes, the official BMW podcast, is proud to present an exclusive video episode, featuring wingsuit pilot Peter Salzmann and BMW Designworks’ Tobias Hoffritz. Hosted by Changing Lanes’ very own Jonathan, the two guests share the full story and take viewers with them on the journey that led to the launch of The Electrified Wingsuit project. 

The full story, as told by those who made it happen

Get the inside story of how BMW i engineers in collaboration with Peter Salzmann and his team came up with an idea that would change the wingsuit game for good – from first tests to the final seconds before the point of no return, this is the inside story as told by those who made it happen.

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