Sunset Drive

A giant screen, a movie, and lots of cars in the open air: A vintage cinematic experience that had almost fallen into oblivion has been experiencing a renaissance. There are a few things to consider for the perfect experience: We give you 5 tips for a fun night out at the drive-in movie.

The car

Simple but important: a car is the basic requirement for visiting a drive-in movie. Think early on about who you’d like to watch the open-air film at the drive-in theater with.

For a date or two friends, convertibles or compact cars are perfect. Our tip if 3 or more people want to watch and have an equally good view: Park the car backwards, fold down the back seat and line the trunk with comfy pillows and blankets.


In a drive-in movie, the sound is transmitted to the car radio via an FM frequency. Of course, this will be a constant drain on the battery. Find out whether your radio can run without having to turn on the ignition.

In the summer, nothing should stand in the way your drive-in movie viewing pleasure in terms of energy supply. If you need to turn on the heat in the fall or winter, it’s recommended you check your battery in advance.

Time manage­ment

To be able to see the image on the screen, a drive-in movie can only start when it’s dark outside. This means the end of the film will fall late in the evening, especially in the summer. So be sure not to schedule any important appointments too early the next morning!

The same applies for the drive there: Most locations won’t be in the middle of downtown, but further out. To make sure you arrive relaxed for your movie night despite traffic jams or road work, you should check on the traffic conditions and plan sufficient time and buffers.

Securing your spot

In contrast to conventional theaters, there are usually no fixed spots at drive-in movie screenings. The rule is: First come, first served.

Because the screen at a drive-in movie is more comparable to your TV at home than the quality of a screen in a movie theater, the best seats will be far in front and in the middle. So get to the venue early!


Compared to normal theaters, the drive-in movie has one advantage: Eating, drinking, and talking to each other is allowed here in your private box, without earning any disgruntled looks. Of course, drinks and popcorn are not to be missed for that proper movie ambiance.

Tip: Pack a cooler for your drinks. And make sure that your snacks are safely packed and easy to eat – because popcorn, chocolate, and ice cream don’t taste so good when they’re all over and under your seats.

Now nothing stands in the way of a perfect evening at the movies under the starry sky. We hope you have fun at the drive-in movies – roll the film!