Click, wipe, shine: We reveal 7 tips for paint care.


Remove paint pests

The longer corrosive substances like bird droppings or even insects sit on the car paint, the worse the damage can be.


Wash frequently

If you love your car, wash it every week. This makes the car paint more resistant to external influences.


The right car wash

Check before going to the car wash: If the brushes or cloths are covered in sand, for example, they’ll act like sandpaper and scratch the paint surface.


Wash by hand

When washing with a high-pressure cleaner, the same advice applies as on the highway: Keep your distance! Important: Use mild cleansers with a low pH value.


The car polish

Car polish contains microfine abrasives. They gently clean the paint surface without damaging it. At the same time, a polish protects against weathering effects.


Touch up your car paint

The best way to repair car paint always depends on the specific case. For this reason, a trained specialist should always carry out the repair.


Matt lacquer

Matt lacquers require completely different care. Polishing, for example, is a no-go. The abrasives will cause the lacquer to lose its rough surface.