They whine, they yap and sometimes throw up before you've even fastened your seatbelt: Dogs. Read seven golden rules to make driving with dogs like a walk in the park.


Start slow: Let your dog get to know the car slowly and well in advance – and start with the engine off. Tempt your dog into the car with little treats to help him build up positive associations.


Mark the territory: An established seat is an absolute must. Preferably, give your dog a comfortable cushion to lie on, so that he can relax. Make sure to make eye contact while driving.


Securing your dog: Make sure your dog is safe and secure according to traffic laws. It’s up to you, whether you use a special belt or a dog carrier. For trips abroad: read up on the local regulations.


Breaks: Before you leave, find the nicest forest trails or dog-friendly rest areas where your dog can get out and run. Remember to offer plenty of water at every break.


Exiting: Maintain control. When leaving the car, get out first, and only then let the dog out. Go around to the door closest to him, and give a clear command for him to exit. Don’t forget the dog leash!


Food: Give your dog a few treats along the way to make the trip a bit sweeter. To avoid sickness, get him used to smaller trips and gradually work your way up.


Stay cool: Don’t keep your dog waiting in the car when you’re out and about in the summer heat. Even a few minutes in a hot car can be dangerous. When it’s hot, take your dog with you.