Road trip, olé!

From mountain roads to coastal drives: Come with us on the 7 most scenic routes through Spain. With detailed information at the end of the story.

1. Andalusia

The scenic road N-340 winds its way along the Costa del Sol, past bays and beaches.

Change down: The route from Adra to Málaga is perfect for pleasure drivers.

2. El Chorro

This place in Andalusia is famous for its via ferrata. It’s also where you can climb mountain roads.

El Chorro - a scenic route for everyone who likes to circle through serpentines.

3. Santander – Gijón

Spectacular road trip on the north coast. Highlight in two senses: the curves in the Picos de Europa mountains.

After some sporty driving, relax and enjoy: Let your Spain road trip end in the port city of Gijón.

Next gear!

Shift up, buckle up: We’re serving four more road trip appetizers.

4. Montserrat

The Benedictine Abbey of Santa Maria is located in the Montserrat Mountains, Catalonia, and can be reached via the BP-1121 mountain road.

The BP-1121 - an attractive, scenic road for everyone who likes to speed through tunnels and curves.

5. Basque Country scenic drive

The 480-kilometer Basque Country road trip starts and ends in Bilbao. There, you can visit the famous Guggenheim Museum.

Stopover in Pamplona. The mountains attract the road trip drivers, the churches the pilgrims on the Way of St James.

6. Valle de Jerte

A valley in the southwest of Spain - and thousands of flowering cherry trees. They always line the Río Jerte in April.

The N-110 leads 70 kilometers into the Valle de Jerte - the perfect spring road trip.

7. Costa da Morte

"Coast of Death" - this was true for seafarers, hence the many lighthouses. For motorists: the perfect scenic road!

A road trip in Galicia can also be a pleasure. For example, in the fishing village of Malpica, famous for seafood.