What makes a favorite place a feel-good place? Come with us on a search for clues.

Try “Hygge”

This Danish term describes a lifestyle and the feelings of coziness and relaxation.

Design for all the senses

But what makes a place cozy and Hygge-like? Korean designer Jinsop Lee has developed the theory of 5-senses design.


Our sense of sight determines what our favorite place should look like. It also unconsciously tells us where we should be in a room to feel Hygge-like and cozy.


Coziness for the ears unfolds particularly well with sounds from nature, such as the sound of a waterfall. They stimulate regions of the brain that are particularly active during relaxation.


Nature is full of stimuli for the sense of touch. Round and angular, rough and smooth surfaces alternate. Designers carry this natural diversity over into furniture or cars.


The sense of smell has a direct line to memories and emotions. And we often find that our favorite place is a place whose smell brings back wonderful memories.


Can a favorite place like a café taste like something? Yes, because the sense of well-being from good food and drink is unconsciously transferred to the room.

“A room in which I feel comfortable has to give me the feeling that I can let myself go and be free.” Domagoj Dukec, Head of Design BMW Automobiles

Mobile favorite place

Being in harmony with one’s surroundings - this feeling can also be transferred to a car. Read more in the article.