Soundcheck: Here are 6 songs the sound engineers at Bowers & Wilkins use to test car audio systems.

Gregory Porter

“Holding On”

The composition impresses with its exceptionally clear sound. Pay special attention to the way Gregory’s voice is distributed to the left and right of the space.



This powerful yet time minimalist electropop piece both mature and elegant in its simplicity. Bowers & Wilkins uses “Royals” as a test song especially for the subwoofer.


“Let Go”

In this song, the first atmospheric sounds give way to a violent explosion of angry electro groove, which taps all the limits of the audio system and the power of the subwoofer.

ZZ Top

“Blue Jean Blues”

Billy Gibbon’s fantastic blues guitar solo makes this song a favorite with Bowers & Wilkins engineers - and a benchmark for excellent car speakers.

The Black Keys

“Gold on the Ceiling”

The refrain with multi-track vocals and a superimposed accompaniment track is a gauge for the car speakers: They should reproduce the sound clearly and unambiguously.

José James


The horn tones that accompany James’ soulful singing are skillful and dense. A filigree test for the speaker system.


The full playlist can be found in the article. You can also find out which song sections you should pay special attention to.