Character begins with a line.

Inspiration and a clear vision are the starting points for creative tasks. It's on a blank sheet of paper that they first acquire form, solely through a pen and the hand that guides it.

The sketch is the most emotional form of an idea. This is why the designers first work out their ideas exclusively with a pen and paper. The concern here is not feasibility. Instead, the sketch is intended to bring life to the character of the model, which then remains the guiding image throughout the design process.

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Engineering meets design.

The emotional character of the sketch still has little to do with the technical package. Tape drawings are where emotional vision and technical reality meet for the first time.

Using flexible adhesive tapes, the designers transfer their draft sketch to so-called package plans, a type of road map of the subsequent vehicle with all the technical details on a 1:1 scale. From the finished tape drawing, it is already possible to distinguish the silhouette and character lines of the personality that will later emerge.

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Each BMW is a product of craftsmanship.

Based on nothing more than emotional sketches and the character lines of the tape drawings, trained BMW modelling experts work together with a designer to produce a full scale model made of a special industrial plasticine, also referred to as "clay".

The vision that previously only existed on paper is now taking form. In handicraft with great care and attention to detail, designers and modellers refine their model until it reaches perfection. This work on the model is indispensable. Only with full-scale clay models it is possible to assess the proportions, surfaces and details.

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The right tool at the right time.

Hand-crafted and virtual creation of form go hand in hand at BMW Design. Quality and speed are of the essence. A virtual model can be altered quickly. The precision of the surfaces can only be guaranteed on the clay model.

In the virtual space, the sculpture created by hand is digitalised and prepared for subsequent series production. This is where design engineers ensure an optimum level of interplay between emotional form and integrated function.

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A fine sense of atmosphere and details.

Sporty or elegant, modern or classical? Outside and inside, colours and materials have a decisive influence on the overall impression and character of a vehicle.

In addition to this, the different colour and material options give all BMW customers the opportunity to personalise their vehicle to fully match their own preferences.

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