BMW Add-on Mobility.

In everyday life, at the wheel of your BMW i3 you can take pleasure in the most innovative form of urban mobility. For all other moments, switch to a conventional BMW and enjoy the benefits of BMW Add-on Mobility.

BMW Add-on Mobility

BMW Add-on Mobility is offered in a number of countries

  • Covers additional mobility requirements: greater range and extra space.
  • Number of days available can be individually configured.
  • A variety of BMW Group vehicles are available to suit any occasion.

BMW Add-on Mobility ensures you are always ready to take the next step, while remaining flexible in the short term. No matter when or where.

If you wish to cover longer distances or need more space for certain journeys, simply switch to a conventional BMW model. If requested, this service is available as part of your leasing / financing agreement or on demand whenever additional mobility is required. In conjunction with many other innovative products, BMW Add-on Mobility gives you the exact freedom of movement you desire.

For exact conditions, please visit local BMW website.