A Venture Capital Company based in New York City.

The emerging field of mobility services is in a continuous state of evolution. In order to remain flexibly engaged in this sector, the BMW Group has founded BMW i Ventures – a Venture Capital Company based in New York City.


What we can offer for the investment.

We are seeking start-ups with the potential to create a lasting impact in the area of mobility services, primarily through cooperation with the BMW i brand. Additionally, these start-ups should have a strong focus on improving personal mobility in urban areas – automotive or otherwise. Whether it be intermodal travel, smart parking, recommendations, communication or other avenues, these services should deliver innovative and intelligent benefits to today’s growing urban population.

With access to BMW Group resources and the ability to act with the speed and agility of a start-up, BMW i Ventures aims to build strategic long-term partnerships through our investments.

BMW i Incubator

The BMW i Ventures Incubator offers an open workspace for innovative start-ups, in particular those with a special focus on future mobility and clean tech. The space is located in the hip downtown West Village neighborhood of New York City.

If you are interested in our space, please send us a description of your start-up and the number of seats needed to Tara Gebbia:

Our team

Our team consists of those with a keen eye for potential and strategic knowhow.
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These are some of the start-ups we’ve invested in: Life360, MyCityWay, ParkatmyHouse, Chargepoint, Chargemaster and InstantCab, with more coming soon.


Life360 uses location-based technology to help parents see where their children are, know when they might need help and identify safety resources as needed.

The partnership between Life360 and BMW opens avenues for cooperation on innovative, location-based and integrated mobility services and continues to shape the way we experience our cities. Connecting car space to personal space enables seamless and smooth navigation for all involved parties no matter what their location, once again increasing freedom and safety of mobility for individuals and families alike.


If it’s in your city, it’s in here.

MyCityWay NOW is a free smartphone app that guides and inspires your daily adventures. Need live traffic feeds, a 24-hour pharmacy, the closest ATM, an artisanal grocery shop nearby? MyCityWay NOW instantly identifies your location and shares the best places to get whatever it is you need.

MyCityWay NOW delivers personally tailored, real-time information right in the palm of your hand. A free, one-time download and you have everything you need to navigate your city in this single mega-app.

Covering 30 unique categories, MyCityWay NOW is an essential guide for anyone living or working in urban areas.

Locations: +70 cities worldwide is an innovative online marketplace designed to connect available parking spaces with people looking to park. JustPark was announced as the second strategic investment from BMW i Ventures in London, on Thursday, July 14th, 2011 under the name (PAMH).

Established in London in 2006, PAMH was created to connect home and business owners interested in earning money by renting their space with drivers in need of a convenient, safe and cost-effective place to park. The service has since then been established across the UK, with now 400,000+ customers, and 85,000+ parking spaces.

Location: Available throughout the UK. An international rollout in cooperation with BMW i is currently underway.


BMW i Ventures has announced its strategic investment in Coulomb Technologies, whose brand ChargePoint is the largest global public charging network to connect electric vehicle drivers to charging stations.

Operating in more than 14 countries, ChargePoint creates cloud-based solutions that take care of EV-driver billing and support. This offers organizations the necessary flexibility to optimize the performance of their electric vehicle's charging operation. BMW's investment supports the improvement of infrastructure for plug-in electric vehicles and marks the company's ongoing commitment to new mobile solutions for the cities of tomorrow.


Chargemaster is a provider of the most technically advanced and comprehensive range of electric vehicle charging solutions. Products include personal wall-mounted systems, street side public charging stations and custom applications designed for specific uses. Chargemaster is the UK's leading provider of charging infrastructure and has more than 25 years of experience in the business.

The partnership between BMW i and Chargemaster has several important focus areas: To provide charging equipment and sites for the BMW i car sharing service, DriveNow; as well as establishing ChargeNow as a flexible and practical charging application for BMW i owners across Europe.