BMW M Experience.

BMW M Experience.

BMW M Drift Experience.

It can sometimes be useful to be a go-adrift. After all, drifting skills are often called for on fast lane changes or avoidance manoeuvres in emergency situations. On the BMW M Drift Experience, BMW instructors show you how to make it round the bend on asphalt. Whatever happens, you are in the hot seat: on board a BMW M model you tackle demanding exercises on the open spaces of the BMW Driver Training Center at Munich Airport, experiencing the fascination of controlled drifts on wet surfaces and enjoying driving fun of the very highest quality.

Overview of the course:
• Theory of driving dynamics with the goal of "drifting"
• Drifting
• Drifting course
• Drifting slalom

Training venue:
The BMW M Drift Experience is held at selected training venues.

Course duration/number of participants:
½ day, max. 8 participants

This training course uses a current BMW M model.

Price includes:
Theory of driving dynamics geared towards "drifting", practical driving exercises, snack, insurance

No previous experience is required for this training course.

390.00 EUR

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