BMW M Intensive Training.

Race Track Training.

BMW M Intensive Training.

If you have petrol running in your veins, you can noticeably raise the level with a BMW M Intensive Training course. Shift up to cross country speeds and remain in control in extreme situations with confident avoidance manoeuvres, optimising your mastery of the vehicle. Can a taste of the limits take you further? Yes! For example finding the ideal line on bends so that you will be fit for challenging slaloms and for the race track.

Training venue:
The BMW M Intensive Training is held at well-known European Race Tracks.

Duration/number of participants:
1 day + 1 overnight stay. 10 participants per group

This course uses a current BMW M model.

Price includes:
Theory of driving dynamics, practical driving exercises, 1 overnight stay with full board in single room, insurance

This course requires no prior knowledge

1,200.00 EUR

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