BMW Training for Professionals

BMW Training for Professionals.

BMW Security Intensive Training for Professionals.

As a professional at the steering wheel you face exceptional demands in road traffic and need an especially keen sense of anticipation. The BMW Security Intensive Training for Professionals course helps you tackle special situations with a cool head and a sure hand. Keeping your own car safely on track, identifying rescue and escape routes and always keeping your eye on other vehicles – all this forms part of the BMW Security Intensive Training for Professionals course. Here you practise sophisticated manoeuvres under the guidance of internationally experienced instructors. The ability to carry out fast lane changes and swerve to avoid obstacles on bends or on the hard shoulder ensures that your passengers are safe at all times – and that their trust in you is justified.

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“As a professional driver, the safety of my passengers is my first priority. This training course gave me even greater confidence behind the wheel. Highly recommended – even as a professional you can learn a lot here.”