BMW Training for Professionals.

BMW Training for Professionals.

BMW Security Perfection Training for Professionals.

When the worst comes to the worst, there are no compromises for head drivers. On the BMW Training for Professionals course you extend your knowledge from previous training courses and acquire maximum vehicle control. The program now includes avoidance manoeuvres and lane changes on bends and at high speeds. Under the guidance of instructors with years of experience in the security field you also train extremely sophisticated escape manoeuvres such as the slalom in reverse and the tactical turn in double formation. Night training sessions additionally round off your skill profile. This prepares you well for what comes next: after all, for driving under paintball fire and fast pace car laps on the ideal line you require outstanding capabilities.

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“As a chauffeur for CEOs, VIPS and politicians, I am sometimes confronted with situations on the road which are very different from those encountered by regular motorists in everyday traffic. This intensive training course was an excellent preparation for special situations.”