Active seat ventilation.

Keeping you feeling fresh even on the longest journey: the active seat ventilation ensures that air circulates throughout the seat constantly, removing moisture and helping prevent discomfort or driving fatigue.

A total of nine axial flow fans are integrated into the high-quality foam padding inside the seat: four in the backrest and five in the seat. The fans draw fresh cabin air into the seats and channel it through an air-permeable middle layer, distributing it evenly throughout the seat. Special perforations in the upholstery allow it to move through the leather, keeping perspiration to a minimum.
The three-speed fans can be controlled using a switch on the central console or a control on the seat itself, depending on your BMW model. The iDrive Controller lets you change the distribution of air between the seat and the backrest. The highest fan speed instantly cools seats that have been heated by direct sunlight, ensuring a comfortable welcome even in summer.
In order to prevent uncomfortable over-cooling of the seat surface, the active seat ventilation includes seat heating, which heats the air to a perfectly comfortable temperature. Long journeys become more comfortable, the driver remains alert and fresh, and - last but not least - clothes are left less creased.