Automatic air conditioning.

Enjoy a comfortable temperature in your vehicle’s cabin year-round with automatic air conditioning. Thanks to its intuitive usability and individually adjustable settings for you and your passenger, you're assured of a pleasant atmosphere and good ventilation at all times.

When activated, the automatic air conditioning system channels fresh air from outside the vehicle, cools it, reduces its humidity and, depending on the temperature setting, warms it again. Air temperature, air volume and air quality can be precisely controlled, whether the system is operating in manual or automatic mode. In automatic mode, the distribution of air flows and air volume is controlled automatically, and the temperature is held steadily at your selected setting. This also works in a convertible with the top down. In convertible mode the air conditioning system are based on the external temperature, the sunshine and the speed. The settings in the cabin are permanently adjusted to reflect this.
The CFC-free automatic air conditioning system also offers a range of additional features. Both driver and passenger can set individual preferences for air temperature. There are separate air channels for front and rear seats, plus an outlet in the B columns. The central console offers a temperature-controlled stowage space. The ‘maximum cooling’ setting quickly cools the cabin on a sunny day. And even when the engine is not running, the automatic air conditioning system can be used to keep the cabin comfortable.

All control elements for the automatic air conditioning are positioned centrally, in easy reach of both driver and passenger. Depending on the model of your BMW, the iDrive and Control Display can also be used to change settings. The Car Memory feature saves your preferred settings and returns the system to these settings next time you drive your BMW.