Climate comfort.

Breathe easy: the climate comfort function in your BMW's air conditioning system ensures you'll enjoy better air quality, a steady temperature regardless of weather, and clear, condensation-free windows and windscreens.

Automatic Air Recirculation (AAC) delivers noticeably better air quality in the cabin of your BMW. The system recognises pollutants and contaminants in the outside air and removes them in a microfilter. Should the concentration of pollutants exceed a maximum level, the system automatically closes off air intake from outside and temporarily recirculates the air in the cabin.
The condensation sensor ensures that the windows of the vehicle do not become misted, even if humidity levels increase. In addition, the solar sensor measures the intensity and angle of the sun's rays, and the system automatically adjusts the air conditioner's performance to ensure a steady temperature is maintained. You and your passengers enjoy a steady cabin temperature, a clear view and excellent air quality at all times.