Comfort seats.

The electrically adjustable comfort seats can be individually modified and offer comfortably firm back support. Even on long journeys, the comfort seats ensure you arrive feeling relaxed and refreshed.

The fully electrically adjustable, multi-function comfort seats for driver, front passenger and rear passengers offer perfectly individual seating comfort for all occupants. Comfort seats can be adjusted in their lateral position, seat height, seat angle and back-rest angle. Seating depth and lumbar-support height and depth can also be altered for maximum comfort. The lumbar support is based on a system of air chambers that can be inflated to varying levels. By encouraging a healthy orthopaedic seating posture, it reduces strain on the back muscles.
Active headrests also ensure outstanding seating comfort even on long journeys. They reposition themselves automatically to suit the current seat position, as well as offering additional protection against whiplash injury in the event of an accident. Comfort seats are controlled using a panel on the side of the central arm rest. Each control button can be comfortably operated with your thumb and index finger. Thanks to the memory function, two different individual configurations can be saved – including seat position, exterior mirrors and steering wheel position. A simple press of a button is all that's needed to return all settings to your preferences.

An optional extra for the driver and front-seat passenger is active seat ventilation. Special perforations in the upholstery in the backrest and armrests of the seat allow cool air to move through the leather, keeping perspiration to a minimum. For the BMW 7 Series Sedan, the comfort seats in the rear are also available with a massage function. Twelve massage and six rotation balls loosen the back muscles and provide well-deserved relaxation, an especially useful feature on long journeys.