Cornering lights.

Cornering lights provide additional illumination of the area to the side of the vehicle, making night-time parking and turning safer.

Cornering lights compliment the functionality of Adaptive Headlights. While Adaptive Headlights provide superior illumination of curves when driving at normal speeds, cornering lights give you better lighting when carrying out low-speed manoeuvres: parking, turning into a driveway, u-turns and taking extremely winding roads, for example.
To provide this additional light, the fog lamps are fitted with integrated swivelling reflectors; alternatively, the headlights are equipped with an additional lamp. When the indicator is activated at speeds below 40 km/h, these lights illuminate an area to the side of the vehicle, up to 80° of the direction of travel.
After the corner is taken, the cornering lights dim and extinguish automatically. Cornering lights also facilitate safe reversing: when reverse gear is selected, both the left and right lights illuminate the area around the vehicle.