Crash sensor.

The crash sensor immediately recognises when an accident has occurred and helps the vehicle’s occupants to get out of the cabin as swiftly as possible.

The crash sensor overrides the central locking system, unlocking all the doors and allowing the driver and occupants can leave the vehicle speedily – or assistance from outside to get into the cabin faster. At the same time, the crash sensor also switches on the cabin lights and activates the hazard warning lights to alert other drivers of the situation. The battery is deactivated to avoid a short circuit.

If your BMW also has the special equipment Intelligent Emergency Call, the crash sensors automatically trigger an emergency call from an accident-proof unit built into the vehicle. This gives you immediate access to the BMW Call Centre without the need for a mobile phone. An employee takes your call and requests information about any possible passenger injuries. The same connection simultaneously communicates precise positioning data for your vehicle’s location and other relevant details such as the risk of injury, seating occupancy as well as model and colour of the vehicle. Intelligent Emergency Call includes the special equipment BMW TeleServices.