Dynamic Drive.

Supreme agility, unwavering stability and unmatched comfort on bends: the active chassis control system Dynamic Drive minimises body roll and distributes it between both axles, ensuring a comfortable ride for all occupants.

Dynamic Drive uses active stabilisers on the front and rear axles to counteract the vehicle's tendency to roll in a corner. Working together with acceleration and position sensors, a management system and other components, such as a compensation tank for sound control, the system ensures supreme agility at all speeds, balanced reactions to load changes and remarkably precise steering.
The stabilisers continually adapt to suit the driving situation and the changes to the vehicle's self-steering behaviour. For example, when driving on the straight, Dynamic Drive reduces the pressure of the stabilisers, treating them individually, so allowing for a highly comfortable ride - a particular benefit for rear-seat passengers.
When cornering or making sudden changes of direction, a "sportier" setting will see the stabilisers increase the rigidity of the suspension relevant to the intensity of the lateral forces to prevent body roll. Roll distribution between the front and back axles also helps in difficult situations.
Dynamic Drive ensures that the vehicle literally hugs the road, under- or oversteering is reduced - resulting in enhanced safety, greater comfort and an impressively dynamic driving experience.