BMW Head-Up Display.

Don’t lose sight of the important things. The BMW Head-Up Display projects relevant driving information directly into the driver’s line of sight. This allows him to process it up to 50% faster and keep his attention where it belongs – on the road.

BMW vehicles with BMW Head-Up Display can be recognised by a small square depression on the dashboard. This contains a projector and a system of mirrors that beams an easy-to-read, high-contrast image onto a translucent film on the windscreen, directly in your line of sight.

The image is projected in such a way that it appears to be about two metres away, above the tip of the bonnet, making it particularly comfortable to read. BMW Head-Up Display halves the time it takes for eyes to shift focus from road to the instruments and back. The system’s height can be adjusted for optimal viewing.

The full-colour BMW Head-Up Display in many newer BMW models makes the car even more comfortable for the driver. More colours means it’s easier to differentiate between general driving information like speed limits and navigation directions and urgent warning signals. Important information like ‘Pedestrian in the road’ (in conjunction with the optional BMW Night Vision) is now even more clear and recognisable – and this subsequently reduces the driver’s reaction time. The BMW Head-Up Display can easily be adjusted horizontally or vertically, via the iDrive Controller, for optimal viewing. This increased picture rotation means the BMW Head-Up Display is individually adjustable. All in all, it enables you to register information much faster, without having to take your eyes off the road.

In addition to the speed, which is displayed permanently, the BMW Head-Up Display can also show other content depending on model and equipment. Examples include: rpm (in BMW X5 M and BMW X6 M this is multi-coloured), navigation instructions like the Guiding information with intersection zoom function and Lane Guiding, Speed Limit Info and the status of the Active Cruise Control. Driver Assistant warnings and the Check Control are also displayed in the BMW Head-Up Display, e.g. pedestrian recognition from BMW Night Vision or the Collision Warning.

The driver can configure the BMW Head-Up Display to his requirements using the iDrive Controller.