Intelligent Emergency Call.

Intelligent Emergency Call from BMW ConnectedDrive can be relied on to automatically and quickly send for help in an accident, ensuring the vehicle’s occupants receive optimal assistance as soon as possible.

An emergency call is automatically activated when the crash sensors register an accident and this is immediately received by the BMW Call Centre. A member of our team contacts you directly to request information about any possible passenger injuries.

The same connection simultaneously communicates precise positioning data for your vehicle’s location as well as the nature and gravity of the accident, for instance: From which side and with what impact did contact take place? Which airbags were activated? And, regardless of the model, did the vehicle overturn?

Thanks to GPS the BMW Call Centre employee also receives information on the vehicle’s exact position, type, number plate and colour. Based on precise positioning data of the vehicle’s location, the nearest emergency services unit is deployed and supplied with all the information necessary to ensure they give the accident victims the appropriate medical care.

Intelligent Emergency Call from BMW ConnectedDrive can also be activated manually, e.g. to help other road users. It works independently of the driver’s mobile phone.