BMW Laserlight.

BMW Laserlight is a highly efficient lighting technology with a high-beam range double that of headlights containing conventional technology.

The BMW i8 is also the world’s first series production vehicle in which BMW Laserlight technology is offered, a pioneering high-beam function that heralds a new era in the development of innovative BMW lighting technology.

In the laser headlight, the beams of light are bundled together to attain a luminous intensity that is ten times greater than conventional light sources such as halogen, xenon or LED. BMW Laserlight has a visual range of up to 600 metres, twice that of a headlight with conventional light technology.

BMW Laserlight surpasses energy efficiency compared with already highly effective LED light technology by a further 30 percent, thereby providing considerably greater light intensity and a marked reduction in electricity consumption.

The laser diodes are ten times smaller than conventional light diodes, enabling the height of the reflector to be reduced from 9 cm to less than 3 cm. This, in turn, creates more space in the headlight and also reduces weight, thereby creating new design possibilities for the vehicle.

BMW Laserlight takes the coherent and monochromatic blue laser beams and transforms them into harmless white light. This is done by using special lenses to direct the beams emitted by three high-performance laser diodes onto a fluorescent phosphorous substance inside the laser light source. This fluorescent substance converts the beams into a white light, still with a very high intensity, which the human eye finds particularly pleasant due to its close similarity to daylight. Following conversion of the laser beams, the harmless, dispersed light is projected forward by the headlight unit.

The laser headlight is also equipped with automatic headlight range control to keep the beam of light at a pre-set level, no matter whether the vehicle is driving uphill or downhill, whether it is fully laden or whether the driver is the sole occupant.

All these characteristics make BMW Laserlight the ideal high-beam light source for automobiles. It combines high light intensity with optimal energy efficiency and extra-small dimensions. The outstanding illumination range of the BMW Laserlight facilitates even better visibility and enhanced foresight when driving in the dark. The result is a relaxed and comfortable ride and increased safety on the road.