High Precision Injection.

High Precision Injection, the innovative petrol direct injection system from BMW, makes the combustion process more efficient. The engine delivers greater performance and a significant reduction in fuel consumption.

High Precision Injection is part of the technology package Twin Power Turbo and thus part of the BMW EfficientDynamics package that unites dynamic performance and fuel efficiency.

High Precision Injection ensures precise fuel dosage for extraordinarily efficient and clean combustion.

Thanks to the piezo injectors, fuel can be injected in just 0.27 milliseconds, making it possible to introduce multiple injections of fuel within one single combustion process. The high-performance, flexible electronic control system adjusts the timing and dose of the injected fuel according to the engine power demand, operating temperature and cylinder pressure. This ensures that combustion is precisely controlled, extremely clean and outstandingly efficient – in every driving situation.

In addition, the increased internal cooling of the combustion chamber during the direct injection process enables the selection of a very high compression ratio, which increases the efficiency of the engines even further.

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