Enjoy better performance while consuming less fuel: Valvetronic lets you get even more driving pleasure from your BMW engine.

This highly advanced technology replaces the conventional throttle butterfly with a electrical mechanism that controls the amount of lift of the individual intake valves on each cylinder. Your engine is able to breathe freely, delivering better performance while using less fuel.
The performance of the engine is more efficient and immediate, thanks to the elimination of the pumping losses and air-flow disturbance caused by a conventional throttle butterfly. Instead, air can flow through the intake manifold freely, and Valvetronic precisely regulates the quantity of air entering the cylinders.
Valvetronic uses a stepper motor to control a secondary eccentric shaft fitted with a series of intermediate rocker arms, which in turn control the degree of valve lift. The throttle butterfly is no longer needed as a means of controlling the air supply - though for safety reasons it is still fitted as an emergency back-up.
By optimising the fuel/air mix process, Valvetronic produces fuel savings of up to 10 percent (based on the ECE driving cycle). In addition, Valvetronic improves cold start behaviour, lowers exhaust emissions and provides smoother, more immediate power.

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