Service Interval Indicator (SII).

The Service Interval Indicator (SII) offers transparent, easy to understand information about the due dates for your next oil change, inspection and service appointments. You can plan your BMW Service appointments, obtain replacements for wearing parts in time and enjoy your BMW in top condition.

The Service Interval Indicator automatically informs you how many kilometres remain before the next service is due. It works this out on the basis of set service intervals and your vehicle's individual fuel consumption, and even takes your driving habits into account - such as the amount of long- or short-distance driving you do. Gentler and more fuel-efficient driving for instance will mean your BMW needs servicing less frequently.
More cost-effective than relying on fixed service intervals alone, the Service Interval Indicator allows you to see almost to the nearest kilometre when your next oil or brake fluid change is needed by simply looking at the instrument panel's digital readout (Info Display).
Fixed-period inspections, such as statutory roadworthiness inspections, are indicated by month and year. If a vehicle-specific service and a statutory inspection become due within the same six-month period, they are displayed together so that you can make a single appointment for both.