Six-speed automatic transmission.

Sporty driving can be so relaxing: the smooth six-speed automatic transmission lets you travel in effortless style. Its fast, precise gearshifts make the most of your BMW's dynamic power.

The six-speed automatic transmission delivers fast and efficient gearchanges, with S and M modes offering especially rapid shifts.
It changes up and down at exactly the right moment and, thanks to the shiftlock function, prevents accidental movements of the gearshift lever when stationary.
Instead of a mechanical connection between the gearshift lever and the gearbox, the six-speed automatic transmission uses an electrical connection (shift by wire) that helps to save space and weight. In addition, it reduces the level of engine noise in the cabin, as there is no direct mechanical connection to the powertrain that could channel noise to the vehicle's interior.
In top gear, your BMW performs with excellent efficiency. Cruising at higher speeds is particularly comfortable. Steptronic gives you the freedom to operate the transmission manually if you wish, via the selection lever or, depending on your BMW model, by using gearshift paddles on the steering wheel.