Speed Limit Info including no-overtaking indicator.

The Speed Limit Info is a driver assistance system that reliably recognises and shows the driver the current and variable speed limit.

Ordinary speed limit information systems often give incomplete or inaccurate information, because the maps used are out of date or the variable signs – e.g. speed limits at construction sites or due to traffic jams – aren’t taken into consideration.

In contrast, the intelligent Speed Limit Info keeps the driver constantly informed about the current permissible maximum speed. A camera built in to the rear-view mirror gathers data on permanent speed limits and the lifting of these restrictions and compares the information with the data from the navigation system. It also recognises and analyses speed restrictions with special conditions: if the camera registers a sign reading '60 km/h in wet weather', this will only be communicated to the driver if the rain sensor of the BMW sends out the appropriate signal – that is, if the condition ‘wet weather’ is fulfilled.

Speed Limit Info also includes the no-overtaking indicator. In addition to speed limits, it monitors permanent as well as temporary road signs and takes note of possible restrictions to overtaking. This keeps the driver reliably informed of all overtaking bans and their validity.

The same applies to speed limits that apply at certain times of day or when driving with a trailer / caravan. Depending on the model, this information is displayed in the combi instrument or the Head-up Display.