Telematics services such as ConnectedDrive Services and BMW TeleServices give you the information you want, when you want it. They provide you with information about your route, your destination and other useful travel facts.

Telematics is the combination of information and communications technology to send and receive data via telecommunications devices. It is used chiefly in Internet, telephone and mobile communication services as well as in vehicle telematics. Vehicle telematics can assist the driver in a wide range of situations and deliver useful information directly to the vehicle. BMW Telematics improves mobility and increases traffic safety.

The BMW telematics services – ConnectedDrive Services and BMW TeleServices – are part of our BMW ConnectedDrive concept and aim to be the ideal connection of driver and vehicle to the outside world. The services intelligently combine the BMW Navigation system Professional with the built-in mobile SIM. BMW provides a wide range of tailored information, which includes up-to-date, location-based traffic news sent straight to your vehicle. In order to do this, numerous detailed pieces of traffic information are gathered (e.g from other BMW drivers) and sent to the vehicle using GPS technology. The built-in navigation system takes this data into consideration and calculated the most effective route.

Meanwhile, BMW TeleServices monitors the condition of key wearing parts like brake pads or engine oil and, if required, even contacts your BMW Service Centre automatically to arrange a service.

The Concierge Services provides you with information like addresses and telephone numbers or recommendations for hotels, restaurants and places of interest. You can rely on the Telematics Service to come to your aid in an emergency: the vehicle automatically sends out a signal that communicates your location and passes on details about the accident to rescue personnel.