Joy loves mud as well as ice.

With BMW xDrive. The safest of all 4x4 systems.

Joy does not think in seasons or weather conditions. Joy just thinks about the next adventure trip - whether on dry roads, slippery surfaces or rough terrain. Because with BMW xDrive there is no need to worry. Just concentrate on the driving pleasure.

By countering loss of traction on the onset, BMW xDrive ensures optimum tracking stability and handling even in fast cornering. At the first sign of under steering, drive power to the front axle is reduced. If oversteering is detected, BMW xDrive directs more power to the front axle. Thanks to this dynamic redistribution of power, vehicle stability returns to normal even before the driver notices anything amiss.

BMW xDrive is also in constant dialogue with the Dynamic Stability Control (DSC), allowing it to recognise wheel spin at its onset. This means the ideal amount of torque is always fed to the wheels that have the most grip, no matter how fast the road surface changes.

Enjoy the driving pleasure – BMW xDrive will do the rest.