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BMW Tyre Insurance refund.

In the event of tyre damage your BMW Dealer will ascertain the current market value of the damaged tyre based on its tread depth. Depending on the depth of the tread, customers are refunded up to 100% of the cost of a new tyre with BMW star marking. In other words: if the damaged tyre is new, no costs are incurred to the customer except the cost of mounting.

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The refund for tyres with a standard tread depth less than 8 mm at the time of delivery will be adapted. The refund amount is calculated based on the BMW Group dealer net price.

A prerequisite for a refund is that the new Original BMW Tyre with star marking must be purchased from a participating BMW Dealer. Tyre damage due to normal wear and tear or negligence by the driver or owner is excluded from refund. In cases of theft, 75% will be refunded in the first year and 50% in the second. The refund is restricted to the number of damaged or stolen tyres. For full details of the BMW Tyre Insurance, please see the insurance certification or ask your BMW Dealer.

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