BMW Performance power kit.

Redefines performance levels.

BMW Performance Power Kit for
BMW 135i and BMW 335i.

Unleash the power of your vehicle: the BMW Performance Power Kit for the BMW 135i and the BMW 335i increases the engine’s output and allows your BMW to reach new levels of performance. The tuning package is available in the increments ‘Variant 1’ and ‘Variant 2’.

Thanks to its modified engine parameters, the BMW Performance Power Kit ‘Variant 1’ increases the engine’s performance from 225 kW to an outstanding 240 kW at a minimum torque of up to 450 Nm. So you can fully indulge your passion for sporty driving.

The BMW Performance Power Kit ‘Variant 2’ comprises ‘Variant 1’ enhanced with a powerful hardware component – a high-tech cooling package made up of a radiator, 850-Watt fan and special air intakes –
to ensure the engine is able to deal with this extra heat even in extreme situations.

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