Rhapsody offers you millions of tracks from all genres and thousands of audio books. Enjoy your favourite titles – with your iPhone or iPod or also directly in your BMW.

Find all your favourites via the search function or discover new songs with the charts, the current new releases, the ad-free radio channels and playlists compiled by the Rhapsody music team.

Use Rhapsody online via 3G in your BMW. Music and audio books already downloaded at home via WiFi are saved automatically on your smartphone and can thus be called up at any time while you are on the move.

In order to use this certified BMW Apps ready application in your BMW, download it from the App Store, connect your smartphone to your vehicle via the USB port or snap-in adapter and launch the app. Then straight away you’ll be able to experience the individual functions via the iDrive Controller, the display and audio system in your vehicle.


Here you will find answers to the most common questions about this app.

  • Vehicles with a production date before March 2013 will need a Navigation system Business or Professional and the option BMW Apps (6NR). Vehicles with a production date after March 2013 will need a Navigation system Business or Professional and the option ConnectedDrive Services (6AK). You will also need an active data contract for your smartphone to use the application.

  • You have the possibility to connect your smartphone either via USB cable or the optional Snap-in adapter in the center console of your vehicle.

  • First download the App from the App Store on your smartphone. Start the App and connect your smartphone as described in question "How can I connect my smartphone with my BMW?".

  • Select „ConnectedDrive" in the main menu and scroll down to BMW Apps. There you will find all the applications which are connected with your car.

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