Questions about mobile apps.


Here you will find answers to the most common questions about mobile apps along with links and contact information.

General information

  • A smartphone such as an Apple iPhone, a tablet (iPad, Galaxy Tab, etc.) or an internet-enabled mobile media player such as an iPod touch.

  • That depends on the app. Some are available for only one system and others for several types.

  • Mobile apps are selected applications that you can use on your smartphone, tablet or directly in your BMW.

  • All of the apps found on this website have been reviewed and certified by BMW.

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Your apps

  • You can find all the most important information directly on the detail pages here for the apps or else in the corresponding app stores (App Store, Google Play©, BlackBerry App World, etc.).

  • For updates, visit the store for your operating system (App Store, Google Play©, BlackBerry App World or Windows Store). There you can find all updates or activate push notifications for updates.

  • Please use our Help and Support contact form.

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Your device

  • On Apple devices, go to Settings > General > About. On Android devices: Settings > About Device. On BlackBerry devices: Options > Device > About Device Versions

  • The software for Apple devices can be updated using iTunes. On Android devices, the software is updated automatically.

  • You can find the multi-digit IMEI number by entering and confirming the key sequence *#06# and/or by looking under your device’s battery. IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity and is a number for uniquely identifying mobile telephones.

  • That depends on your device. With a Samsung Galaxy S III or HTC Desire, for example, press the Power and Home buttons at the same time. With a Samsung Galaxy Nexus, press the Power button and Volume Down key at the same time. On an iPhone, press the On/Off button together with the Home button.

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