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Legal disclaimer

Legal disclaimer.

The compatibility of vehicle interfaces to mobile devices (Bluetooth, USB) differs according to the various individual devices and, in particular, may vary with different software versions for a device. All functions are based on industry-wide communications standards. Failure of the mobile device to support the standard may mean that it cannot be operated with the interface or that the range of functions is limited (e.g. no or incomplete transfer of telephone book; transfer only of telephone numbers saved on the SIM card). Compatibility between vehicle and mobile device is therefore largely dependent upon the software version of the mobile device.
Other factors (e.g. size of the telephone book, SIM card or network operator, company guidelines, operating mode of the mobile device) mean that in individual cases sporadic impairment of functions may occur in devices that otherwise function reliably.
Not all functions are supported in all countries.

For this reason, BMW can assume no guarantee for the unlimited compatibility and functionality of your mobile device in conjunction with the vehicle interfaces.

BMW reserves the right at all times to adapt the functional descriptions listed here in line with technical progress.

The display of the mobile devices may differ.