• General
    • What is Bluetooth®?
    • Bluetooth® is an industry standard that enables wireless communication between devices. VARIOUS functions are supported in Bluetooth® profiles. Profiles relevant for the vehicle include the Handsfree Profile and Phonebook Access Profile. Further information on Bluetooth® is available on the Internet at http://www.bluetooth.com or http://www.bluetooth.org.
    • In which BMW models is Bluetooth® technology available?
    • As long ago as 2002, BMW was the first automobile manufacturer to introduce the Bluetooth® wireless standard for integrating mobile telephones and to offer it in all vehicle models.
      Requirements for using this standard are the BMW special accessories SA 644 mobile phone preparation with Bluetooth interface or SA 633 mobile phone preparation Business with Bluetooth interface (or option code SA 639 for North America).
    • Which Bluetooth® mobile devices can I use with my BMW mobile phone preparation?
    • The mobile devices tested by BMW can be found on the Internet at http://www.bmw.com/bluetooth. Here you can also obtain detailed information on which functions of your mobile device are supported in your vehicle as well as further notes on usage.
    • Can I use a non-listed Bluetooth®-capable mobile device in my vehicle?
    • BMW recommends using the mobile devices listed at http://www.bmw.com/bluetooth, which have produced positive test results. Non-listed mobile devices should generally support the basic functions but have not been tested by BMW.
    • Why is my mobile device not included in the list of mobile devices tested by BMW?
    • The large number of devices appearing on the market makes a selection necessary. Before a selected mobile device can be included in the list, it has to undergo extensive testing with all mobile phone preparations installed in BMW vehicles. Once the tests have been passed, a device can be included in the list of mobile devices tested by BMW. BMW works with all leading manufacturers so that the latest mobile devices can be included as soon as possible.
    • Can I use a mobile device listed on http://www.bmw.com/bluetooth with a different software status without experiencing any problems?
    • BMW recommends using the mobile devices listed at http://www.bmw.com/bluetooth, which have tested positively.
      No comment is possible on the functionality and compatibility of other software statuses. General experience, however, shows that when a more recent software status is used, it can be assumed that compatibility characteristics will be similar. Please note that in some cases functional limitations may also be due to the data stored in the mobile device and their size.
    • Why are there differences between the various mobile devices in terms of handling and scope of functions?
    • Telephone manufacturers implement the Bluetooth® standard in different ways.
      As implementation of the Bluetooth® standard differs distinctly between various mobile devices and may also change during the product life cycle of a model, limitations of function in the vehicle may occur for which the BMW Group is not responsible. In addition to the software status of a mobile device, the following factors may also influence compatibility:

      – Hardware version of the mobile device
      – Mobile device configuration (e.g. size of telephone book, power-saving mode, ...)
      – Operating status of the mobile device (e.g. battery charge, length of operation, degree of
      usage, ...)
      – Network and SIM card

      For this reason, sporadic impairment of functions cannot be ruled out, even in the case of mobile devices which otherwise function reliably.
    • What happens when there is more than one registered mobile device with activated Bluetooth® function in the vehicle?
    • When the telephone system is switched on, it automatically looks for the mobile device last connected. If this is not found within a certain time period, the vehicle automatically looks for the next phone in the list of registrations. If necessary, the list will be scanned again.
    • Who can I contact if have any problems with the Bluetooth® interface on my mobile device?
    • If you have any questions on your mobile device, you can obtain further information in the operating manual for your mobile device, from the phone manufacturer or from your mobile phone provider.
    • How can I find out which model of mobile device I have?
    • Apple:
      Determine the serial number as follows [Settings][General][Info][Serial Number].
      Enter the serial number on the following website: [http://support.apple.com/specs]

      Is generally on the outside of the casing; alternatively in the following menus:
      Windows Mobile 6.1: [Start][Settings][System][Device Information][Identity][Model No.]
      Windows Mobile 6.5: [Settings][All settings][System][Device Information][Identity]
      Android: [Menu][Settings][Info][Model Number]

      Info is generally contained on a CE label inside the housing; remove battery if necessary.



      Sony Ericsson:
      Info is generally contained on a CE label inside the housing; remove battery if necessary.
      Alternatively in the menu: [Settings][General][Phone Status] under model

      Info is generally contained on a CE label inside the housing; remove battery if necessary.

      Info is displayed briefly when the mobile device is switched on.

      [Device Info] [Name]
    • How can I find out the software status of my mobile device?
    • Apple:

      [Start][Settings][System][Device information][ROM version ]

      *#9999# or [Menu][Settings][Phone Status][Other Info][S/W version]
      Milestone: [Settings][Telephone info][Firmware Version]



      Sony Ericsson:
      [Menu][Settings][Update Service][Software Version]
      Windows (e.g. X1): [Start][Settings][System][Device Information][ROM Version ]

      2945# or [Menu][Settings][Phone Settings][Phone Info]

      *#1234# or *#9999# or *#0000#

      [Device info][Further info][Software]

    • When I reset the mobile device to the factory settings, I am prompted for a device code. Where can I find this?
    • You will find this information in the operating manual of your mobile device or you can obtain it from the manufacturer of the device.
    • The call volume in the vehicle is too loud/quiet. How can I adjust this?
    • Please verify whether the volume can be changed using the vehicle’s control elements. Otherwise, an adjustment can be made by changing the volume settings directly on the mobile phone – regardless of the mobile phone used.
    • What must I keep in mind when using my mobile device in the vehicle?
    • Please avoid exposing the mobile device to any extreme conditions (temperature, humidity, etc.). Otherwise, proper functionality can no longer be ensured. For example, the charger should be switched off when operating temperatures are running high. Please also refer to the operating manual of your mobile phone for further information.
    • What is the USB audio interface?
    • The USB audio interface makes it possible to connect Apple iPhone/iPod devices, suitable MP3 players and USB sticks to your vehicle via a USB interface or a suitable snap-in adapter (not Bluetooth or Aux input). The connected device can be operated using the vehicle’s input controls and the audio data stored on it can then be played. A selection of music is offered according to genre, artist, album, song and playlist. The information displayed is based on that stored in the MP3 player (e.g. ID3 tags).
    • Which devices are supported?
    • The following device classes are supported (please find details in the compatibility information on the appropriate BMW Group website):
      • Apple iPhone and iPod
      • MP3 players and USB sticks (USB mass storage complying with the specification “USB Mass Storage Class”)
      • MP3 players with Media Transfer Protocol (MTP)
      • The message “Device not supported” inside the vehicle indicates that the device in use belongs to an unsuitable class of devices. Due to the large number of devices available on the market and their technical differences, it is only possible to ensure that they operate perfectly by carrying out a functional test inside the vehicle.
    • What should you pay attention to when using USB devices in your vehicle?
    • Please note that mobile USB devices have not been developed for use in the vehicle and the particular operating conditions inside the car, such as heat, cold and shocks, may cause damage.
    • What should you pay attention to when using USB sticks?
    • In individual cases, it is possible that old USB sticks or models with low transfer rates may not be recognized by the vehicle, resulting in lengthy waiting times.
      You should also avoid the CDFS file system.
      The FAT32 file system is recommended. Please consult the operating manual for your vehicle to find out which other formats are supported.
    • What should you pay attention to when connecting a mobile phone as an audio source?
    • When connecting mobile phones to the USB interface, you should remember that some models do not permit simultaneous Bluetooth operation for the device, i.e. there is no guarantee that it will be possible to receive or make calls.
    • Is the connected device supplied with current?
    • Any Apple iPhone/iPod devices, MP3 players and mobile phones are supplied with electrical current via the USB interface. Depending on the entertainment system, up to 1 A is supplied.
      If your mobile device has been fully discharged prior to use with the USB audio interface, it may take several minutes before you can use it to play music.
      If the vehicle is turned off, your mobile device will not be charged any further.
    • What do I have to pay attention to when disconnecting the USB device?
    • You can disconnect you USB device from the vehicle at any time and without losing any data.
    • How can I display the covers of audio tracks as well?
    • In the case of vehicles with a graphic display, it is also possible to show any covers saved on the player.

      In the case of MP3 players (USB mass storage devices in accordance with the specification “USB Mass Storage Class” or with Media Transfer Protocol (MTP)), the covers to be displayed have to be saved in the individual music files (in the meta data). Please use the special software (e.g. Apple iTunes, Windows Media Player, etc.) for saving the album images in the music file.
    • How can you find out the software version of the Apple iPhone/iPod?
    • The software version of the iPhone/iPod can be queried under “Settings > General > About > Version”. Further information is available on the Apple web pages. Please note that iTunes can automatically update the iPhone/iPod software, which might adversely affect the interplay between the iPhone/iPod and the USB audio interface.
    • How can I reset my Apple iPhone/iPod?
    • You will find a description of how to carry out a reset on your iPhone/iPod at the following address: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1320
    • What is an MTP-capable MP3 player?
    • Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) is a further development of the Picture Transfer Protocol. It enables the transfer of data between mobile devices and computers. MTP-capable MP3 players use the MTP protocol to transfer and synchronise the music files. Some MTP-capable MP3 players permit a manual switch between MTP and USB mass storage mode. Please consult the operating manual of the device used in each case.
    • Can I replay videos in the vehicle?
    • Depending on your vehicle equipment, you can play audio and video files from an iPhone/iPod or USB device via the USB audio interface.

      It is only possible to play iPhone/iPod videos via a snap-in adapter or possibly via a special adapter cable. Please consult the dealer organisation to find out the extent to which it is possible to play videos from your iPhone/iPod in the vehicle and where you can obtain the special adapter cable/special snap-in adapter.

      For your safety, it is only possible to play videos when the vehicle is stationary.
  • Questions and notes on the conditions
    • How do I register my mobile device with my BMW mobile phone preparation (“pairing”)?
    • For security reasons, mobile device and mobile phone preparation have to undergo a one-off registration (“pairing”) procedure. You will find notes on the registration procedure in the operating manual of your vehicle as well as in the operating manual for your mobile device.
      If a mobile device has already been registered in the vehicle, the connection will be made automatically when you start your journey. To establish the connection, however, you must make sure that the Bluetooth® service is activated both on the telephone and in the vehicle..
      During the registration procedure, you will be asked to enter a pass key. You can choose any key you wish, but for security reasons it should consist of at least 4 digits and not be commonplace (e.g. “0000” or “1234”).
    • Can several mobile devices be connected by Bluetooth® at the same time?
    • Up to four mobile devices can be registered at the same time. One of these mobile devices can be active (i.e. connected) at any time.
      If your BMW vehicle supports music via Bluetooth®, another device (mobile device or a Bluetooth®-capable audio player) can additionally be connected with the vehicle at the same time.
    • Is it possible to remove the ignition key during a telephone conversation?
    • The ignition key can be removed during the conversation without ending the call. The telephone system remains switched on until either you or the person you are talking to has ended the call. Depending on the vehicle equipment and battery charging status, however, the telephone system may be switched off earlier. The call can then be continued on the mobile phone if necessary.
    • I have made changes in the contacts, calendar entries, to-do notes or notes on my mobile device. When will these changes be shown in the vehicle?
    • Please check on http://www.bmw.com/bluetooth whether the relevant function is supported by your mobile device and vehicle equipment.
      As a general rule, the data update is initiated as soon as the ignition is switched on. Please check the display on your mobile device as well: it may require you to confirm the data transfer.
    • How can I change the sort sequence of my telephone book entries (e.g. to sort in order of surname)?
    • The sort sequence for the telephone book depends on both the mobile device and the vehicle equipment.
      Some mobile devices do not distinguish between first names and surnames, in other words the parts of the name are entered in one text field; in many mobile devices a comma or semicolon determines which part is interpreted as the first name or surname. This applies in particular to entries on the SIM card as well.
      Some mobile devices provide an option for setting the sort sequence – however, this may not necessarily be taken into account when the telephone book is transferred via the Bluetooth® connection.
      In current vehicles with the relevant equipment, it is possible to set the sorting sequence in the Control Display.
      You will find further information in the operating manual for your vehicle and at http://www.bmw.com/bluetooth.
    • Why can’t I use the conference call function in my vehicle?
    • This function must be supported by your vehicle equipment, the mobile device and your mobile phone provider; it may be necessary to have the mobile phone provider activate this service on the SIM card.
      You will find further in the operating manual for your mobile device, in the operating manual for your vehicle and at http://www.bmw.com/bluetooth.
      Note: If the “Call waiting” function is not enabled, it will not be possible to arrange a conference call with an incoming call.
    • Why is the number of the caller not displayed for an incoming call?
    • This is generally due to the fact that the caller has enabled the “Withhold number” function on his/her mobile device.
    • Why is the person I am calling not shown my number when I make an outgoing call?
    • Please check the settings of your mobile device to see whether the “Withhold number” function is enabled.
      If this is not the case, it may be due to the fact that your mobile phone provider activates this function by default (CLIR = Calling Line Identification Restriction). You are recommended to contact your mobile phone provider and have CLIR disabled.
    • Why aren’t the appointments, to-do notes and notes displayed in my vehicle’s Office menu?
    • Appointments older than 20 days or more than 50 days in the future are not transferred. Completed to-dos or to-dos more than 90 days in the future are not transferred. Depending on the number of appointments stored in your mobile device, not all will be displayed in the vehicle.
      You will find further in the operating manual for your mobile device, in the operating manual for your vehicle and at http://www.bmw.com/bluetooth.
    • Do the call lists in the vehicle and in the mobile device match?
    • The transfer of call lists depends both on the mobile device and on the vehicle. Please check which mobile devices support the export of call lists at http://www.bmw.com/bluetooth and whether your vehicle is equipped with this function.
      When you are using mobile devices that do not support call lists, the lists shown in the vehicle include only those calls made using the Bluetooth® connection in the vehicle.
    • Why can’t I see all the text messages on the mobile device in the vehicle?
    • The transfer of text messages depends both on the mobile device and on the vehicle. Please observe the information on this at http://www.bmw.com/bluetooth.
    • How can I use Bluetooth® audio reproduction in the vehicle?
    • Make sure that the Audio (Bluetooth) function is activated on the Control Display and check whether your mobile device supports Bluetooth audio reproduction on www.bmw.com/bluetooth.
      On some mobile devices, it is necessary to launch the program for playing music files on your mobile device and then select a title using the device.
    • How can Bluetooth® Audio reproduction be resumed after a phone call or traffic message?
    • Normally muting of audio reproduction is cancelled automatically. Should this not be the case, you can restart the audio reproduction by pressing the volume key again.
    • Can I use the audio reproduction function of my mobile device via Bluetooth® if the mobile device is connected with the vehicle via the USB snap-in adapter or a USB cable?
    • Not all mobile devices provide stable support for this function. If problems occur with audio reproduction, deactivate “Audio (Bluetooth) on the Control Display.
    • Why is the photo stored for some of my contacts in the telephone book not shown on the Control Display?
    • Please check on http://www.bmw.com/bluetooth whether the function “Contact pictures” is supported by your mobile device and vehicle equipment. Please note that the number of contact pictures supported is limited by the system.
    • How can I update my vehicle software?
    • You will find further information on this topic at http://www.bmw.com/update.
    • How can I use the internet option (optional equipment) with my mobile device?
    • This requires the optional equipment with the option code SA 614 in connection with SA 644 or SA 6NK in vehicles with a date of production of September 2010 onwards (this function is not offered in all countries).
      Please ensure that the system has been updated before you use the internet in the vehicle for the first time. This can be performed in the Control Display under “BMW services” > “Service status” > “Update BMW services”.
      Please also make sure that your mobile device is properly configured. Further information can be found below in this FAQ.
    • How can I configure my mobile device for internet or BMW TeleServices usage?
    • In the operating manual of your mobile device you will find instructions on configuring “Access Point Name (APN)”; other names for this may be “Internet Settings”, “Modem Settings” or “Tethering Settings”. The required settings are available from your service provider.
      Please note that most Sony Ericsson mobile devices only recognise the first entry in the APN list, so it is recommended that all other APN configurations be deleted.
    • After a Bluetooth connection has been established, my mobile device attempts to dial a phone number on its own.
    • In connection with BMW TeleServices (option code SA 6AA), a TeleServiceCall is initiated automatically when a service is required. This may involve numerous attempts to establish a data connection over the mobile device in order to transmit vehicle data.
      Since this function is only partially supported by Blackberry, please disable the setting “Dial-Up Networking (DUN)” in the Bluetooth options of your Blackberry device.
    • Why do some entries appear in the vehicle twice?
    • If the mobile device supports the transfer of entries stored on the SIM card, these are also shown in the vehicle.
    • When I make a phone call a different name from the one I dialled is shown. Why does this happen?
    • This sometimes happens when the same number is used for several different entries in the telephone directory. One of the names attributed to this number is shown when a phone call is made.
    • What does my mobile phone need to have in order to use BMW TeleServices, BMW Internet and / or BMW Live?
    • If your BMW Assist contract has expired or BMW Connected Drive isn’t available in your country or region BMW TeleServices, BMW Internet and BMW Live use your mobile telephone’s data communication or modem function to enable interactive BMW services on the Control Display. If this is the case, your mobile phone should fulfil the following requirements:

      1. Please check that your mobile phone is compatible with data communication (BMW TeleServices, BMW Internet, BMW Live) for your BMW model and that you’re using the recommended software version for this mobile.

      2. Check if your mobile contract includes data connection to the internet and if this connection may be relayed by Bluetooth.
      This function is also known as tethering, Bluetooth modem, mobile internet, mobile services or Bluetooth tethering.

      3. Check if your mobile service provider recommends your mobile for Bluetooth tethering. Some service providers offer tethering as an extra option at additional cost and, if necessary, the contract must be amended to include this option.
      Please note: Charges may be applied for the use of BMW TeleServices, BMW Internet and /or BMW Live if your tariff doesn’t include a flat rate for data connections. Contact your mobile service provider for more information.

      4. Check if your mobile is correctly configured.

      The mobile service provider’s access data must be configured in the mobile phone. This generally consists of a profile name, an APN (Access Point Name) and, if necessary, a user name and password. Most mobile service providers send this data in a text message that automatically configures the mobile phone.

      • If you haven’t received this text, you can get the data from your service provider, e.g. from their website. You should be able to have a text message with the data for automatic configuration sent to your phone. Alternatively, please contact your mobile service provider’s customer service department.
      • Bluetooth Tethering must be enabled on your mobile phone and allowed by your contract. You’ll find details about this in your device’s user manual.

      Please check if your mobile phone has internet capability, e.g. whether you can access an internet website from your mobile phone.
      If this isn’t possible, please check if data connections to the internet are allowed in your phone’s settings.

      5. Check if the phone is correctly configured for Bluetooth tethering. You can check whether this function works by connecting your phone to a computer via Bluetooth. You can now try to go online from the computer via the internet connection on your mobile phone.
    • Are there any restrictions on the use of file names and names for the device?
    • File names should be kept short so that the length to be displayed including the directory paths does not exceed 255 characters. Should this length be exceeded or several files with the same name be present on one storage medium, they will be identified by numbers and the names will be shortened.
      Please do not use any special characters or symbols when naming your device.
    • Why does it sometimes take a little time before I can access my songs via the music search.
    • When MP3 players or USB sticks are connected for the first time, the music files can initially only be accessed via the directory structure of the device. The more convenient method of searching via genre, artist, album or song is not possible until all the relevant file information has been transferred. The response of the MP3 player or USB stick, such as the duration of the synchronisation and the operating speed, depends on the storage capacity and technology of the device being used as well as the number and type of stored audio tracks. In the case of an MP3 player with an 8 GB Flash memory, this synchronisation takes approximately 10 minutes, longer times are possible depending on the device. During this time, the audio tracks can be selected via directories and filenames.
    • Are there any restrictions on the use of playlists?
    • Playlists in M3U format are supported by all BMW USB audio interfaces. Other formats are also supported depending on the type of your USB audio interface. Please consult your operating manual for information on this subject.
    • Why doesn’t my vehicle always start with the USB audio interface although an external device was the last audio input.
    • Some USB devices need more time to be recognised by the USB audio interface, depending on size, capacity and speed of access. This becomes apparent, for example, due to the fact that some devices have to be actively selected under “Entertainment” and the music playback does not start automatically although the USB audio interface was the last active audio source when the vehicle was left.
    • Why is my iPhone/iPod not recognised on the USB audio interface?
    • In individual cases, problems may occur with recognition of the Apple iPhone/iPod. The following steps may provide a remedy:
      • Please connect and disconnect the Apple iPhone/iPod repeatedly.
      • Please check whether the Apple iPhone/iPod is connected to the USB audio interface with the right adapter cable.
      • Please check the cable for possible damage and avoid rolling up the cable.
      • If you have a vehicle with “Extended connection for music player in the mobile phone” (USB snap-in adapter), it may be necessary to remove the USB snap-in adapter from the base plate if you wish to operate an iPhone/iPod on the USB interface. In this case, it also applies to an empty snap-in adapter.
      • Please check the charge level of the Apple iPhone/iPod.
      • If the measures mentioned above do not bring any success, please reset your Apple iPhone/iPod.
    • Why is my MP3 player/my mobile phone not recognised on the USB audio interface?
    • In rare cases, problems may occur with the recognition of your mobile device.
      When the vehicle is switched off and on again, for example, and the mobile device remains connected via the USB cable, the USB connection is occasionally not re-established. In this case the USB link must be disconnected and reconnected.
  • Product offering
    • Can I also use the SAP (SIM Access Profile) Bluetooth® profile in my BMW?
    • For current 7 Series vehicles with existing telephony equipment (option code SA 633 or SA 644), the BMW Group offers the Rear-seat telephone unit with cordless handset (option code SA 6NB). For most other models the SAP snap-in adapter is offered as an upgrade solution.
      The option code SA 6NB or the SAP snap-in adaptor can optionally be operated via the SIM card of a GSM carrier or mobile phone that supports the SAP Bluetooth profile. The product information for option code SA 6NB with the SAP mobile phones tested by the BMW Group can be found at http://www.bmw.com/Fond-Telefonie.
    • Why do I need the special equipment “Extended connectivity of the music player in the mobile phone” (SA 6NF)?
    • In addition to already existing telephone equipment (special options SA 633 or SA 644) and the USB audio interface (special option SA 6FL), the extended connectivity of the music player in the mobile phone (special option SA 6NF) can also be used in nearly all series for selected mobile devices with the aid of a matching USB snap-in adapter for accessing the music data stored on the phone.
      Equipped with the matching USB snap-in adapter for your mobile device, you thus meet all the conditions for using your mobile device with both the hands-free and audio reproduction functions at the same time.
    • Do I need a snap-in adapter to operate my mobile device in the vehicle?
    • For optimum operation of the mobile device in the vehicle, the BMW Group recommends the use of a snap-in adapter to ensure that the mobile device is secured safely, that it is charged and connected with the external aerial. You will find information on the current range of snap-in adapters at www.bmw.com/bluetooth.
    • Which special equipment do I need for the USB audio interface?
    • Audio reproduction from USB devices is supported with the special equipment options (possibly as a standard feature) SA6NL, SA6NK, SA6NH or SA6FL.
      In vehicles that contain the USB audio interface as a standard feature, the SA numbers are no longer separately listed.
    • Can or must I use an adapter cable in the vehicle?
    • Extensions can be used to connect your devices, as can adapter cables from USB mini/micro to USB. This use of a flexible adapter cable is actually recommended in order to protect the USB interface and your MP3 player against mechanical damage. The cable length here should not exceed one metre.
    • Which cable do I need to use my iPhone/iPod in my vehicle?
    • In most cases you will need the adapter cable from BMW with the 6NH (audio adapter iPod/iPhone, part numbers: 0440 796 or 0440 812).
      For vehicles with the SA 6NK or SA 6NL, you can use the white Apple cable. The following requirement applies to the SA 6FL:
      • 1 Series, 3 Series, X1 and Z4 with production date in September 2010 or later (in Europe in the 3 Series Coupé and 3 Series Convertible as from March 2010) in connection with one of the following special equipment options SA 602, SA 633, SA 639, SA 606, SA 609
      • X3 with production date in September 2010 or later and the special equipment option SA 6NK or SA 6NL
      • 5 Series with production date in September 2010 or later, in the 5 Series Touring as from June 2010
      • 6 Series Convertible with production date in December 2010 or later
      • X5 and X6 as from September 2010
      • 7 Series with production date as from September 2010 (in Europe as from March 2010)
  • Problem and solution
    • Why can’t I register my mobile device despite having entered the pass key?
    • First you are recommended to check whether the mobile device is contained in the list of mobile devices tested by BMW (http://www.bmw.com/bluetooth).
      The pass key entered in the vehicle must be identical to that entered in the mobile device. In addition, the registration procedure has to take place within 30 seconds. For older models, it is recommended to enter the passkey within 7 seconds. If you have to repeat the registration procedure, it may be necessary to delete the already existing entries in the list of devices on your mobile device. Please consult the operating manual for your mobile device in this connection.
    • What could be the reason that my mobile device is unable to automatically reconnect or that a previously reliably supported function is no longer available in the usual manner?
    • Make sure that the Bluetooth® service is activated in the mobile device and in the vehicle.

      If no automatic connection is established, check the display on your mobile device.
      Some mobile devices require a confirmation for the current and subsequent connections. You will find further advice in the operating manual for your mobile telephone.
      If the mobile device fails to connect automatically even after several attempts, it may be possible to solve this by switching the mobile phone off and on completely, by briefly removing the battery or resetting the mobile phone to the factory settings.
      However, before resetting the mobile phone, you are strongly advised to back up your data!

      Please consult the operating manual for your mobile device in this connection.
      Also check whether the registration information is still present in both the vehicle and in the mobile device. If this is not the case, delete the remaining registration entries and carry out the registration procedure again.

      If no permanent or stable connection is established (e.g. repeated interruptions of the Bluetooth connection), in the majority of cases this is due to a hardware error in the mobile device or in the data stored on the mobile device (e.g. telephone book entries, text messages, call lists, etc.). In such cases, it is recommended that you reset the mobile device to the factory settings after carrying out a data backup if necessary.
    • The name of the person you are talking to is not displayed although this person is stored in the mobile device.
    • If the call was initiated from the mobile device while a Bluetooth connection existed, it is not possible to guarantee that the number or name of the other party will appear on the Control Display. Otherwise, you should check whether the telephone book of the mobile device is displayed on the Control Display and the contact concerned has been transferred correctly and completely.
    • Why isn’t the signal strength displayed correctly?
    • This function is not supported by all mobile devices. Some mobile devices transfer the current signal strength but with a considerable delay. Please observe the information on this at http://www.bmw.com/bluetooth.
      Not all contact entries are shown on the Control Display or not all details of the contact entries of the mobile device are shown.
      The transfer of contact entries depends both on the mobile device and on the vehicle. The number of contact entries is limited by the system. Please observe the information on this at http://www.bmw.com/bluetooth.
    • Why isn’t the telephone book on my Blackberry displayed in the vehicle?
    • In many cases, Blackberry mobile device are operated in Enterprise mode. In such cases the company IT administration defines the security settings and policy.

      In most cases, the problem can be resolved by adapting one of these security settings. Please check whether the following option is set to No:

      Options > Security Options > General Settings > Insert Address Book > No

      If you are not able to change this option or it does not produce the desired effect, please consult your IT administrator.
    • There are no menu items for News, Calendar, Tasks and Notes in the “Office” folder.
    • Please first verify whether your mobile device supports the desired function in connection with your vehicle. Please also make sure that downloading e-mails and text messages as well as the calendar, tasks and notes has been started only after the telephone book has been downloaded completely. This may take several minutes depending on the size and contents of the telephone book. In addition, please note that the download process is interrupted during a telephone call.
    • After a Bluetooth connection has been established, notification sounds can be heard repeatedly on my mobile device and are some are transmitted over the vehicle’s loudspeakers as well.
    • When calendar entries, tasks and notes are accessed, some mobile devices emit notification sounds. Depending on the mobile device used, these notification sounds can be deactivated (e.g. in the profile settings).
      Status and error messages that may appear on the mobile device can be disregarded.
    • Why is the notification “<Content Protection>” displayed instead of the contents of the message (in e-mails and text messages)?)?
    • In this case, the data encryption (“Content Protection”) prevents the transfer of data from the locked Blackberry to the vehicle. If the Blackberry has been unlocked by entering the password, the messages will be transferred correctly.
      To resolve this issue permanently, the security options should be configured on the mobile device as follows: Menu > Options > Security Options > Encryption: “Disabled”.
      If you are unable to adjust these settings, please contact your company’s IT department (specifically, the administrator of the Blackberry Enterprise Server).
    • Can I also use the adapter cable for iPhones/iPods from BMW (iPod/iPhone audio adapter) in my new vehicle?
    • You can use the white connector from Apple in the following vehicle configurations:

      - 1 Series, 3 Series, X1 and Z4 models with a production date of September 2010 onwards (3 Series Coupé and 3 Series Convertible models in Europe from March 2010 onwards) in connection with one of the following optional equipment items: option code SA 602, SA 633, SA 639, SA 606 or SA 609
      - X3 models with a production date of September 2010 onwards and the optional equipment item with the option code SA 6NK or SA 6NL
      - 5 Series models with a production date of September 2010 onwards, in 5 Series Touring models from June 2010 onwards
      - 6 Series Convertible models with a production date of December 2010 onwards
      - X5 and X6 models with a production date of December 2010 onwards
      - 7 Series models with a production date of September 2010 onwards (in Europe from March 2010 onwards)

      In all other cases, the iPod/iPhone audio adapter is required (part number (0440 796 or 0440 812).
    • Why can’t I play the songs I have purchased?
    • Purchased songs are often provided with copy protection (DRM: Digital Rights Management). Songs with copy protection cannot be played and will be skipped. The next playable song in the list will then be played. The same procedure applies to corrupt or defective songs.
    • Why do I hear interference noise when playing my songs?
    • Please check your MP3 files and rip them again if necessary or with different software.
      If you have connected your mobile device with the Aux-In port, set the output volume on your device to maximum and then adjust the volume via the entertainment system of your vehicle.
    • Why don’t I hear any sound when playing music from my iPhone/iPod via my snap-in adapter?
    • Please check whether you are using the snap-in adapter for video.
      If applicable, please remove any cables from the analogue AUX port.
    • Why can I only find some songs in the directory?
    • If you should only find isolated songs in the directory, check the ID3 tag information for the songs. If this information is not filled in correctly, it will not be possible to sort the songs properly.
    • I have changed a song at home – why can’t I see it in the vehicle?
    • If you change the ID3 tags of files on the storage medium, in individual cases it is possible that the change will not be recognised by the USB audio interface. In such cases, please disconnect the device from the USB audio interface and delete a file on the device or add a file to it. By doing this, you force the song information to be reread when the device is next connected to the USB audio interface.
    • Why does the radio play in rare cases when the vehicle starts up although the USB audio interface was the last source listened to?
    • When the vehicle starts up, an attempt is made to play the last audio source again. In the case of the USB audio interface, this is affected by the MP3 player connected. When the vehicle starts up, the time taken to recognise the MP3 player may vary. Among other factors, this depends on the size, capacity and access speed of the MP3 player. In some cases, communication to the MP3 player cannot be established quickly enough and your vehicle therefore first switches to radio.
    • Why does it sometimes take a little while for the USB audio interface to react to the “random play” setting?
    • Random play is executed by your Apple iPhone/iPod or your USB audio interface. The time taken to adopt the “random play” setting depends on the size of the lists. Delays may occur particularly for long lists.
    • Why do I keep seeing digits instead of e.g. songs or album titles in the lists?
    • The digits shown represent placeholders for entries in the list and are shown whenever the information from your MP3 player cannot be loaded quickly enough. As soon as the information is available, the entries in the lists are completed.
    • Why do I sometimes see “Data are being read...” and the lists requested only appear a little later?
    • This message appears when you are scrolling quickly in a list or when browsing in folders with lots of entries.
    • Why isn’t the meta information for my audio files displayed correctly?
    • Special characters, umlauts and characters from other languages in the ID3 tags of the audio files to be played may mean that the meta information stored is not displayed correctly. If necessary, please remove these characters from the meta information of the affected files or, alternatively, use a different program to save the meta information.
    • Why are my audio tracks played at different volumes?
    • If the MP3 files are played at different volumes although the sound control for playback in the vehicle has not been altered, this may be due to the MP3 files themselves. Please check the volume settings when converting the audio tracks to MP3 files and, if necessary, reconvert the audio tracks into MP3 files.
      Alternatively, you can use a program to standardise (adjust) the volume of your music collection.

      In the case of Apple devices, you can adjust the audio tracks via the menu option Preferences > Playback > Sound Check.
    • Why isn’t the music filter on my Apple device saved?
    • In the case of older software versions, the music filter may not be saved in the vehicle. You should therefore update the software version of your Apple device. You can display the software version you have installed on your Apple device via the menu option: “Settings > General > About > Version”.
    • Why do I see a black image when playing video from my iPhone/iPod?
    • In rare cases it is possible for a black image to be shown when applications (apps) are active in the background on your Apple device. If this is the case, you should close any applications (apps) not required via the task manager of your device.
    • Why are the videos from my iPhone/iPod not centred when displayed?
    • Please select the desired iPhone/iPod video clip again if the video does not appear in the centre of your display. You will obtain the best playback quality if the video preferences on your iPhone/iPod are set to “NTSC” and “Widescreen =on”.