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BMW TeleServices.

Nobody knows better than your BMW if maintenance is required. With BMW TeleServices*, your vehicle does all the work. It will inform you of forthcoming maintenance requirements as well as remind you of appointments. And wherever you’re travelling, BMW Service is always by your side, leaving your mind free to concentrate on the essentials: sheer driving pleasure.

*BMW TeleServices is currently only available in selected countries.
BMW TeleServices - a BMW ConnectedDrive technology.

Tired of having to think of everything?
Let your BMW help out.

What is the Automatic BMW Teleservice Call?

Business trips, birthdays, dinner appointments - you have enough events to remember, which is why it's great that your vehicle knows when its next maintenance appointment is due.
Your BMW automatically transmits service-relevant data to your BMW Service Centre prior to your forthcoming maintenance appointment, e.g. for an oil change. Your Service Centre is then able to call you to arrange an appointment. Fixed maintenance appointments become a thing of the past and your BMW will not have to spend any more time than absolutely necessary in the workshop.

You need a service appointment.
Your BMW called us.

How does the Automatic BMW Teleservice Call work?

Condition Based Service (CBS) sensors identify that a service is needed either for a vehicle fluid change (e.g. engine oil) or a wear-and-tear part replacement (e.g. brake pad). The vehicle then uses an Automatic BMW Teleservice Call to transmit service-relevant data to your BMW Service Centre, and a specialist will call you to make an appointment. Due to the accuracy of the data transmitted, the service team can obtain all of the necessary components for your vehicle in advance, which significantly reduces the duration of your appointment.

Do you think your BMW is due for a service appointment? Your BMW will know.

Overview of the benefits.

- You'll never forget another service appointment. Your BMW Service Centre will remind in advance.

- Your vehicle only receives the maintenance work it actually needs.

- A maintenance appointment isn't scheduled until your vehicle actually needs one based on individual driving habits.

- Your BMW Service Centre can prepare for your appointment in advance and order any necessary parts. Your appointment is conducted faster and more efficiently.

Manual BMW Teleservice Call.

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When do you think about your BMW?
When you're in it.

What is the Manual BMW Teleservice Call?

The Manual BMW Teleservice Call allows you to contact your BMW Service Centre at any time directly from your vehicle and request a return call. Whether you have a chip in your windscreen or would like to have winter tyres fitted, all you have to do is push a button. When you make the call, all of your relevant service data is transferred to the BMW Service Centre so that they are well prepared when they return your call. For example, if an oil change is coming up, they can suggest combining the two appointments.

How do you arrange a service appointment? Easily.

How does the Manual BMW Teleservice Call work?

You can make a Manual BMW Teleservice Call at any time from your BMW using the iDrive operating system. A message is sent to your BMW Service Centre informing them you'd like them to contact you. After your vehicle's data has been transferred and assessed, a service specialist will call you to arrange a service appointment. As they already have access to your vehicle's important data, they are able to provide you with detailed and individual advice so that all of your service needs are met quickly and efficiently.

You'd like to get in contact?
Simply push a button.

Overview of the benefits.

- Arrange service appointments when you're most likely to think about them - in your BMW.

- Contact your BMW Service Centre at any time using the iDrive operating system.

- Service-relevant data is transferred to the Service Centre long before your vehicle arrives.

- Any necessary accessories and parts are already ordered in advance and are available when you turn up for your appointment. Your BMW Service Centre is completely prepared for your arrival.

BMW Teleservice Diagnosis and Help.

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What are BMW Teleservice Diagnosis and Help?

Problems with your navigation system? A warning light in the cockpit? Experiencing a problem doesn't automatically mean you have to take your vehicle to the workshop. Numerous malfunctions can be diagnosed by BMW Teleservice Diagnosis from your current location. A specialist roadside assistant can use BMW Teleservice Help to correct the error, meaning your BMW stays where it belongs - on the road.

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How do BMW Teleservice Diagnosis and BMW Teleservice Help work?

If you notice a malfunction, you can call BMW Roadside Assistance directly using the iDrive system. All relevant information is transmitted to the roadside assistant specialist. This specialist then explains the nature of the problem to you and takes appropriate measures to help you solve it. If the problem can't be solved, other measures are taken, such as the deployment of a customer service vehicle. Safety-critical components are corrected by a specialist with the aid of BMW Teleservice Help to ensure the safety of yourself and others around you.

We won't let you down.

Overview of the benefits.

- In the event of a breakdown, you're never alone with BMW Teleservice Diagnosis and BMW Teleservice Help.

- BMW Roadside Assistance specialists are able to assess your vehicle's condition over the air and help you implement appropriate measures.

- Numerous malfunctions can be corrected from where you are without you having to make a trip to the workshop.

Do you have any questions about
BMW TeleServices?

How much do the services cost?

BMW TeleServices are free in combination with a valid BMW Assist contract. In this instance, the services can be used via the vehicle's built-in SIM card both at home and abroad. If you do not have a BMW Assist contract, the services cannot always be used abroad and low phone call charges may also apply.

For which BMW vehicles are BMW TeleServices available?*

BMW TeleServices is available for all BMW models, excluding the BMW Z4 Roadster, the BMW Z4 Coupé (each until year of construction 2008) and the BMW X3.
Please contact your BMW Service Centre for more information about the availability of BMW TeleServices for your BMW model.

*Status 11/2008

Which technical requirements does my BMW need to meet?

The following special equipment is necessary to use BMW TeleServices in your vehicle:

• Preparation for mobile phone Business with Bluetooth interface* (option code 633) or preparation for mobile phone with Bluetooth interface* (option code 644) and the BMW Professional Radio in combination with the Control Display.
• Additionally in the BMW 1 Series or BMW 3 Series: the BMW navigation system Business (option code 606) or the BMW navigation system Professional (option code 609).

* All BMW approved mobile phones are then able to be used for new BMW TeleServices. Please check on

Based on these special equipment requirements, the new BMW TeleServices are offered as additional free-of-charge services.

If you have any further questions regarding technical equipment requirements, please contact your BMW Service Centre.

Do I need a BMW Assist contract to use BMW TeleServices?

BMW TeleServices work independently from an existing BMW Assist contract and separately from the integrated telephone unit with separate BMW SIM-Card.

How do I change my registration if I switch my BMW Partner?

If you relocate, for example, and would like to change which BMW Partner receives the data transmitted by your vehicle, please download the PDF form, which you can send to us once you've filled in your new details. After that, we'll take it from there.