A BMW engine oil change keeps your motor running at peak performance.

BMW engine oil service.

Keeps your BMW running smoothly.

BMW engine oil service is more than just an oil change.

During a BMW oil service, BMW Service experts also check a range of additional components and parts such as brakes and tyres.

With a BMW motor oil service you get an extensive engine oil service that goes far beyond a simple oil change, and which guarantees your motor a longer and better performing life.

BMW oil service includes these additional services:

- Oil filter is removed and replaced with new filter
- Engine oil is removed and replaced with new oil
- Replacement of ignition plugs at every 2nd BMW oil change
- Replacement of air & fuel filters (diesel only) at every 3rd BMW oil change

A detailed description of the work performed can be obtained from your BMW Service Centre.

BMW also has high quality standards when it comes to engine oil: in collaboration with Castrol, one of the world’s leading lubricant manufacturers, BMW develops engine oils especially suited to the high requirements of a BMW engine and designed to bring out its full potential.

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