During a BMW seasonal check-up, your vehicle will be thoroughly examined by experienced BMW Service specialists.

BMW seasonal check-up.

Ensures year-round road readiness.

The BMW seasonal check includes a comprehensive range of services to get your car fit for the coming season.

Whether you need a BMW holiday check-up or a BMW winter check-up, our knowledgeable BMW Service specialists are there to advise you. Our experts inspect critical areas such as brakes, lights, tyres and fan belts, then use innovative technologies and original custom-fit BMW Parts to bring your BMW back up to specification.

Together with a free safety check and car wash, the all-round BMW seasonal check package means you can look forward to getting home, as much as you do to getting away.

The BMW seasonal check-up covers:

- Brakes
- Windscreen wiper blades
- Antifreeze & windscreen washer fluid levels
- Engine oil
- Tyre pressure and profile
- Battery
- Lights
- Cooling water level

A detailed description of the work performed can be obtained from your BMW Service Centre.

BMW seasonal check service in your country