Advantages of glass repair.

Attractive prospects.

BMW Glass Repair keeps you in the picture when glass damage occurs and lets you profit from the experience and know-how of specially trained BMW Service experts. Only one of many good reasons for choosing BMW Glass Repair. Your benefits at a glance:

- Compared with an expensive windscreen replacement, you save time and money. Generally glass repair by your BMW Service Centre takes no longer than 60 minutes.

- If you have comprehensive insurance, the repair will be carried out by your BMW Service Centre free of charge and generally this will not be set off against your policy excess or will not affect your no-claims bonus. Your BMW Service Centre will be glad to advise you.

- Your BMW Service Centre will consult you deal with your insurance company directly to settle the costs for the damage, thus saving you additional effort.

- The repair kit and resin have been specially developed for the windscreen of your BMW. This guarantees you the greatest possible travelling comfort, optimum vision and maximum safety.

- The timely repair by your BMW Service expert not only prevents your windscreen from cracking but also helps to retain the value of your BMW.

When glass damage occurs, trust in the expertise of your BMW Service Centre and the outstanding quality of Original BMW Parts and materials. And then you can be sure of experiencing unrestricted driving pleasure with your BMW in the future.

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