Prerequisites for windscreen repair.

Keep minor damage in check.

Inclement weather can quickly turn even minor glass damage into dangerous cracks. They not only adversely affect your driving experience but also your safety. In the event of chipping damage, you should therefore waste no time and visit your BMW Service Centre. The experts there will carry out a detailed examination to see if a repair is possible or whether the windscreen needs to be replaced.

Up to 70 per cent of all glass damage can be simply, quickly and cost-effectively repaired by your BMW Service Centre. Innovative repair technology and the use of high-quality materials prevent crack formation, thus ensuring that you windscreen remains complete stable. Prerequisites for a successful windscreen repair are:

- the diameter of the stone chip damage should not exceed a certain size (as a guide: smaller than a €2 coin)

- the damage should not be located in the driver’s field of vision

- the damage should be at least 10 cm away from the edge of the windscreen

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