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DSP Concepts' Audio Weaver has become the trusted framework to simplify and standardize the programming of digital audio signals to create incredible audio experiences. Audio engineers worldwide turn to Audio Weaver to streamline their development workflow, as it is the first tool which has been purpose-built to design, develop, and deploy embedded audio products in one.

3 August 2022

Purpose-built for audio

DSP Concepts' Audio Weaver is the only comprehensive audio development framework that brings new designs to life in real-time without the obstacles of legacy development. Audio Weaver is currently deployed in more than 50 million devices worldwide and is central to the audio experiences of automotive and consumer electronics innovators like many automotive OEMs, GoPro, Bang and Olufsen and many more. DSP Concepts also works with nearly every major chip manufacturer in the world to ensure efficient audio feature deployment for various applications using a variety of hardware architectures directly on the chip.

Audio Weaver’s 500+ modules and ready-to-go system solutions, like voice control and voice communications drastically reduce the time it takes to create new products. It also cuts complexity and confusion with proven algorithms, frameworks, and models. The modular, real-time programming environment allows product development teams to quickly create new audio processing chains, with no coding skills required. Engineers can quickly tune product performance and add features, and are free to choose whatever processor meets their needs without needing to redevelop algorithms. This leaves more room for creativity: to create unique, differentiated products. Audio Weaver’s real-time UI with pre-built, high performance modules lets customers think at a higher-level and not worry about the underlying code.

There’s more to discoverThere’s more to discover

There’s more to discover

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