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Prometheus Fuels

Prometheus removes CO2 from the air and turns it into zero-net carbon gasoline and jet fuel at a price that will compete with conventional fossil fuels used in transportation today. Because only renewable energy sources are used in its production, the fuel will be truly carbon neutral. By perfecting existing chemical reactions and processes, Prometheus will make drop-in replacement fuels that are guilt-free. Prometheus will help to fuel the power of choice.

3 August 2022

Zero net carbon fuels

Using solar and wind power, CO2  from the air, and a revolutionary technology, Prometheus makes gasoline and jet fuels to keep us moving without a guilty conscience. Closing the circle on energy redemption makes this fuel truly carbon neutral and endorses BMW’s strategy of Power of Choice.
The modularity of the approach will enable micro-cells of gasoline production where there is a surplus of renewable energy available. The Prometheus Titan Fuel Forge pulls CO2 and water from the air using a novel direct air capture system. The salvaged CO2 encounters renewable electricity in an electrochemical stack called the Faraday Reactor. The electricity "charges" the carbon with hydrogen molecules from the water to create long-chain alcohols, releasing pure oxygen. In the next step, the alcohols are harvested using the Maxwell Core, a special type of nanotube membrane exclusively owned by Prometheus. In a final catalyst step, the alcohols are combined and water is recovered. This last step can be customized to produce gasoline, diesel, or jet fuel that are atomically identical to the fossil fuels used today.

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There’s more to discover

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