Chasing iNEXT

Episode 1: Where is the visionary supercar?

In this series starter, a film team is tasked with making a documentary about a truly German innovation: the visionary supercar that is the BMW iNEXT. Join them on their journey of discovery.

29 April 2022

Where is the iNEXT? And is it really the next big thing?

With Tesla and other innovation drivers moving in on the sacred German automobile turf, BMW has taken steps to regain its pole position and developed an electrified visionary supercar. Tasked with the making of a documentary about this monumental step in German engineering, a film team goes on an ironic and iconic journey of discovery into the heart of the BMW production as well, as all over the world… and Mars?! We join them to experience the expertise, power, pride, excitement and secrecy surrounding the iNEXT and discover the stories of the people behind e-mobility’s latest innovation. 

Chasing iNEXT is the centrepiece of this year’s #NEXTGen. With its unique approach to storytelling and distinctly ironic humour, it tells the stories of the humans behind the latest product innovations of the BMW Group in a totally new way.

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