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Welcome to the future of BMW iDrive

This is BMW’s digital CES 2021 experience. It marks the beginning of a new era. An era of intuition, interaction, and emotion. An era that changes everything we know about digital intelligence in the car. Because BMW introduces tomorrow’s driver experience. Jump into this new era with us and learn more about the “intelligent fusion of sensing” – the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant – and its heritage.

A hero from the past. And for the future.A hero from the past. And for the future.

A hero from the past. And for the future.

Introducing BMW iDrive

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A revolutionary evolution

Reinventing the wheel? That’s something only BMW could do. Find out how we changed Automotive Thinking. Then. Now. And in the future.

The WheelThe Wheel

The Wheel

The history of BMW iDrive

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Future Calling

What makes the new BMW iDrive so unique? Among others, its new Intelligent Personal Assistant – Because it’s so clever that it could even do interviews. You don’t believe it? iJustine, SuperSaf, and Supercar Blondie didn’t either. Well, at least at first …

THE iX – ReThinking Design

Discover the soul of the iX: It’s empowering and proactive and provides an intelligent fusion of sensing that takes care of you and your individual needs – the BMW iDrive.

High Performance for the future

BMW i Ventures is BMW’s Corporate Venture Fund investing in young companies with trailblazing ideas in the field of mobility and beyond. Learn more about five selected breathtaking start-ups that might have a sustainable impact on the future of mobility.

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