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BMW iX Flow featuring E Ink

Will the colour of a BMW change at the touch of a button?

When technical becomes magical:

Imagine your next BMW being white on hot days and black on cold ones. Just by pushing a button. The BMW iX Flow demonstrates just how fascinating and surprising this looks at its world premiere in Las Vegas.

16 February 2022

To begin with, there was a simple question: does a car always have to look the same?


The BMW iX Flow is the answer. It can change its appearance digitally. The body is laminated with an electrophoretic film containing microcapsules the diameter of a human hair. Each capsule contains differently charged white, black or coloured particles which become visible when an electric field is applied. This creates what is known as an Electronic Paper Display (EPD).

The limits of personalisation are far from being reached


The BMW iX Flow is a pioneering project in a field that opens up entirely new possibilities for car design and personalisation. Match the colour of the car to your current mood? Influence the climate in the car in an energy-saving way with the right exterior colour? We are working hard to implement this technology and look forward to presenting some initial results at CES 2022.

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