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Sometimes, law brings forth strange fruit – and weird laws in traffic are no exception.

We invite you to enjoy some absurd traffic laws that defy all logic. Dumb laws, but hilarious nevertheless. Have fun with this 9 examples.

18 August 2020

How does this sound?

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In San Francisco, car owners are forbidden by law to polish their vehicles with used underwear. Just take a minute and picture in your mind how this law came into being.


Silence is the rule: In Switzerland, slamming your car door is strictly prohibited.


Not a dumb law actually, but one might wonder why there is an explicit law for it: In Alabama, it is illegal for drivers to wear a blindfold.


In Glendale, Arizona, it is illegal to drive your car backwards.


In the city of Cicero, the police will pull you over if you whistle on public streets on Sundays.


In Australia, it is illegal to transport hay in the trunk of your own car, but you can take all the hay you want in a taxi – if it fits.


In Oklahoma, it is forbidden to read a comic book while driving.


In Milford, Massachusetts, it is forbidden to peep into car windows.


This one seems like a guarantee for traffic jams: In Jasper Gates, Canada, a dumb law forbids drivers from going faster than a horse or carriage.


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