The strangest driving tests in the world

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Driving tests are difficult and expensive, at least in Germany. These odd examples show how different the tests can be in other countries around the world.

27 November 2019


The most rigourous test

At first glance, the Saudi Arabian driving test does not seem particularly difficult: you have to drive straight ahead for a few metres and then reverse. That's it. The Saudis, however, looking at the personal aptitude, they take it very seriously; in addition to the practical and theoretical tests, driving candidates also have to pass a medical and even a psychological test.


The most complicated test

Candidates for the coveted Chinese driving licence have to answer 100 questions in 45 minutes, and get at least 90 of them right. There are now more than 1400 possible questions – great training for your memory! If you like a challenge, you can try out the test  here.


The cheapest test

Whilst for many Indians, a driving licence may seem expensive due to their low incomes, for other nations the price sounds appealing: just 500-1000 rupees to register for the test. That is equivalent to between 6.50 and 13 euros – the cheapest driving licence in the world. In India, you master the most important rule of the road through learning-by-doing: whoever is driving has right of way. And those who have right of way make sure they are noticed by sounding their horns.


The most expensive driving test

Even with loads of money, you can't necessarily get the most expensive driving licence in the world. To acquire a Formula 1 licence, you need to be able to drive incredibly fast. The licence fee is paid annually and calculated according to the number of World Cup points. The more points you have, the higher the price. The licence costs over $13,000, plus an additional $2,000 per point.


The non-existent driving test

Many people fail their driving test the first time. There is one person in the UK who does not have to worry about this: the Queen. By law, she does not need a licence to drive a car. She can simply get in and drive off.


The BMW 1 Series.

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